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Marisol Pottery workshopMarisol Pottery workshopMarisol Pottery workshop

Wood-Fired Ovens and Accessories

Marisol Pottery workshop

In Marisol Pottery Workshop we specialise in producing wood-fired ovens and clay pots manually, as our grandmothers used to do, with the best Pereruela clay and the patience and care that only a potter can give to his products.

Each of our products is unique, handmade from the reception of the Pereruela clay to its final shape, ecological products with proven and certified quality and with the final touch of who knows his trade from the cradle.

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Featured products

All our wood-fired ovens and clay pots have the best qualities and are entirely made in an artisanal way as it has been done in Pereruela for centuries. To help you in your choice, we would like highlight the ones we consider most interesting.

Handmade and ecological

Handmade and ecological

In Marisol Pottery Workshop you will only find wood-fired ovens and clay pots made in the most traditional and artisanal way, handmade, as it has always been done in Pereruela. With 100% natural raw material and lead-free fired-on enamel.

Because, as good craftsmen, we make our products in an ecological way and without industrialization or technology in between. As it has always been done.

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Offers of Sets

We show you the easiest and most economical way to enjoy our products.

Thanks to the sets, you can have, all at once, everything you need to start enjoying a healthy meal, prepared in the traditional way and with the best prices of Pereruela.

Set Roaster and Pan
It includes:
  • 1 40 cm rectangular-shaped clay roaster .
  • 1 25 cm round-shaped pan with lid.
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59,00 €
81,00 €
Set of Roasters
It includes:
  • 1 rectangular-shaped clay roaster special for roasting suckling lambs measuring 60 cm.
  • 1 rectangular-shaped clay roaster special for roasting suckling lambs measuring 50 cm.
  • 1 rectangular-shaped clay roaster special for roasting suckling lambs measuring 40 cm.
In stock
135,00 €
166,00 €
Set of pan, paella pot and roaster
It includes:
  • 45 cm oval-shaped clay roaster.
  • 1 35 cm paella clay pot.
  • 1 30cm round-shaped pan with lid.
In stock
100,00 €
137,00 €

It’s that easy

We know that there are many doubts that arise once you have your assembled wood-fired oven. So we want to make it easy for you with these previous tips that, in addition, will provide greater durability and conservation over time.

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