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Handmade and ecological

Handmade and ecologicalHandmade and ecologicalHandmade and ecological
Handmade and ecological

In Marisol Pottery Workshop we know the importance of preserving the way our ancestors worked which gives the final product the exclusivity that only they have.

Therefore, and for generations, we made our wood-fired ovens and all kinds of clay items by hand, without any industrialization or technology involved. With modern tools but keeping the essence of those who sat on the potter’s wheel to give clay a unique shape and knew the importance of a final quality finish.

As a result, we get durable, quality and exclusive products that have the guarantee that can only be confered by artisan pottery.

Ecological products, made with natural raw material, without preservatives or harmful products for both human consumption and the environment. Products where you can cook in a healthy and clean way, as it has always been done in Pereruela.

In addition, in Marisol Pottery Workshop, we can ensure that all the enamelling of our products is lead-free thanks to fired-on enamel, which gives them a way to cook our food in the most natural and posible way.

We are aware of the importance of taking care of our planet in a way as natural as possible. Because we only have one Earth and one chance to improve it.

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