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Pereruela Wood-fired Oven
Pereruela Wood-fired Oven
Pereruela Wood-fired Oven

Pereruela Wood-fired Oven

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Description of the article

Handmade Pereruela Wood-fired oven made with the best raw material selected.
After a natural drying process, it is cooked at 980 º C in a diesel oven.
It is suitable for all types of food (roasts, bread baking, desserts ...) and once it reaches the maximum temperature of 400ºC, it can be turned off since it keeps the heat for more than 24 hours, which allows to continue using it for cooking or heating.

Instructions for use

The Pereruela Wood-fired oven must be heated with very little firewood (holm oak or vine shoot) that is introduced into the oven. Then it is lighted and it is normal for the oven to turn black. Then it acquires a whitish hue, which means that it is already hot (350ºC or 400ºC). Once this happens, we remove or set aside the embers and it would be ready to use.


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